Welcome to the Caidan Academy of Thrown Weapons. Here at the Academy, you will find fellow Thrown Weapons enthusiasts that share your interest and passion. You are among friends!

The relationship of all members is interdependent upon each other. If you have any questions or concerns at all, do not hesitate to contact your sponsor or any one of the Regional Officers. They are here to help YOU!

The Caidan Academy of Thrown Weapons was established by THL Ryan of Rickford at the same time as the writing of the Caidan Thrown Weapons Handbook. In the TW Handbook, you will find the original guidelines of the Guild, as well as, the official Caidan Rules and Regulations in regards to Thrown Weapons in our Kingdom. The Caidan Academy of Thrown Weapons is dedicated to education and promotion of Thrown Weapons throughout the Kingdom. Our goal is to have established guild chapters in every region of Caid that will sponsor Thrown Weapons events for the benefit of the populace and the community.

By instituting safety guidelines, education, training, and events, The Academy promotes a unique aspect of the SCA that everyone can enjoy. Unlike Fighting, Arts & Sciences, and many other avenues of the SCA, Thrown Weapons require no safety gear, armor, or financial investment of any kind for our throwers. Everything is provided to the populace through generous donations of time and money by the Kingdom and sponsoring Regions. We also receive donations from the populace as well, who genuinely enjoy Thrown Weapons and want to participate in its advancement.

Our volunteer Marshals and MIT's are our most valuable assets to the Thrown Weapons Community and to the Academy itself. Without them, there would be no Thrown Weapons Community.

Yours, in Service

Lord Marcus Artorius Metellus
Senior Thrown Weapons Marshal - Calafia
Caidan Academy of Thrown Weapons Regent
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