The Penbard is Sir Charles of Dublin.

The Deputy Penbard or Harskald is THL Eilidh Swann.

The Collegium Caidis Music, Bardic, Performing Arts Regent is THL Caitlin Christiana Wintour.

The Circle of Bards Online
   Yahoo Group 
   List Maintainer: The Honorable Thomas Bordeaux.

Bardic Circles: All are welcome, poets - singers- tellers of tales... Bardic Circles are often organized at individual events, Many Local Groups hold regular Bardic Circles. Contact Sir CharlesTHL Eilidh Swann or The Honorable Thomas Bordeaux.

Musical Groups:

  1. The Phoenix Players: Kingdom Group of individuals who gather occasionally to play period music. Mistress Finella Harper
  2. The Phoenix Singers: Kingdom Group of individuals who gather occasionally to sing period music. Master Sean Vuibhearn
  3. Darach Madrigali: Madrigal Singing Group: Master Sean Vuibhearn
  4. LyonSong: Period Music Choral group in Lyondemere, Contact: Baroness Eden McNab Sommerhawke.

Word-Fame is the Kingdom Newsletter for the Circle of Bards. Contact Master Thoron for more information.

The Chronicles of Crown Tourneys is the bi-annual collection of poems written by poets throughout the Kingdom in honor of those who have fought in Crown Tourney. New Poets always encouraged! For more information please contact Mistress Philippa Schuyler.

Publications and Sales are overseen by Lady Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh

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